Winter Hikes on Belle Isle

Posted by jdg | 11:06 AM

During this suspiciously mild Michigan winter, we've been spending A LOT of time outdoors (so much that the security guards and ticket punchers at all the local museums are probably a little worried about us). We've got a favorite hike through the woods on Belle Isle, and we've been hiking a ton this winter. Last year we spent a lot of time dogsledding through these woods, but without snow the winter woods have a wonderful fairy-tale quality.

This is Wendell's best winter ever, officially.

Some guy got lost in these woods and died a couple weeks ago, and they found another dead body while they were looking for his, but our hikes have been remarkably corpse-free. We have seen a lot of other friendly dog walkers though. I love how Detroiters use this island park year round.

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