Star Wars Day at the Ballpark

Posted by jdg | 7:18 AM |

Last weekend my son and I went to the ballpark. I was eager to see the surging Tigers in the middle of their 12-game winning streak, and he was extremely excited to see the generous members of the Great Lakes Garrison of the 501st Legion and the Great Lakes Base Rebel Legion scattered around the stadium in full costume. Those costumes are serious and clearly represent a significant investment of time and money. Seeing a bunch of adults dressed up like their childhood heroes is a lot less strange at the ballpark, where you can see also hundreds (thousands?) of lumpy middle-aged men dressed up like Justin Verlander.

He thinks those guys are called "Snowtroopers," and this was the "nice snowtrooper."

We did some minor improvements on my son's Luke Skywalker outfit, wrapping his legs in canvas and adding some leather Yugoslavian 7.62 cartridge pouches, that, in our case, were used for smuggling in juice boxes.

While walking home from the ballpark (one of the best parts of living where we do is being able to walk to the ballpark), we fought off some enemies near the steam grates.

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