The place where my daughter takes riding lessons serves as a community center of sorts and it recently hosted a community-wide garage sale. After the sale was over, everyone apparently just left all the crap that nobody wanted to buy in a giant pile out by the dumpsters and we showed up before it all got hauled away to the landfill. Score! While my daughter was ahorseback, my son and I climbed the garbage mountain looking for treasures. A vintage 1970s Hot Wheel garage with the little winch that moves the elevator up and down (yoink: taken for the neighbor kid who loves cars). A box full of canning supplies from the 1950s (yoink). A spiderman! A naked faux-barbie! A smelly box of wet auto manuals! Then we found The Body Crayon Book with six colored body crayons, and it still had the plastic wrap on it. Yoink.

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