Greco-Roman Single Combat

Posted by jdg | 7:32 AM

Despite numerous offers, my daughter didn't have much interest a Roman legionary costume. How cool would they have looked together, side by side, or maybe in a testudo line? She is so focused on her friends these days I don't think she even knew what I was working on until it was done, and then she got jealous. So we talked a lot about ancient Greeks and the Amazons and how tough the Amazon girl fighters were and she insisted on pulling out the old hoplite costume and staging a battle between the Amazons and the Romans. It was pretty epic. Many heated words were exchanged. 

The Roman really needed to work on his shield technique, so I taught them how ancient battles were really fought, with the clash of shields. But, of course, sometimes there was an ancient tradition of single combat, where the two mightiest warriors in opposing armies fought each other to avoid the bloodshed of full battle.

Anyone who believes having kids will ruin all their fun is kind of an idiot.

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