Here Be Dragons

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You know those "knight walks" I wrote about where the kids and I go out and hunt for dragons and stuff? Sometimes we find them.

The kids came up with the idea that this hole in one of the trees in our neighborhood park was a dragon's nest. It looked disturbingly gynecological to me but they saw dragon wings around it and a dragon's head stretching up from the hole. My daughter insisted she saw a baby dragon inside it once and since then we had to bring little bowls of milk and pieces of meat to offer them, and the next morning the milk and meat was always be gone (stray cats? foxes?). Then we started putting the meat on sticks and charring it with a lighter and actually putting the meat inside the hole. I only started the photoshopping after one particularly glum visit to the tree when no dragons appeared to thank us for the delicious victuals.

Wait, what is that in the hole?

Oh, just a baby dragon.

Hey, you were looking in the hole? Maybe you should have been looking on those branches just to the right!

Rather than simply keeping the belief alive, this has been something like gasoline on a flame. Now she sees the dragons and I don't need to do any photoshopping once we get home. The other day she even brought one of them home with her, and we made it a little leather collar and leash (it's shy and prefers invisibility, of course). 

"I've always known this park was magical," I heard her say under her breath the other day. She's right.

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