The "Hill"

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Our neighborhood is flat. Which is great for bikes, but having returned from spending so much time in hillier country the kids are curious why we don't have mountains. I imagine this will only get worse once the snow starts accumulating and the sleds come up from the basement. There are some hills at the cemetery down the road, but the closest "hill" is between our complex and a nearby apartment building. It was too far from a friendly spout to use with the slip-n-slide a few weeks ago, but the kids still wanted to run down it as fast as they could, usually tumbling down by the end.

A note about our neighborhood: in addition to seeing David Byrne walking around like a tourist the other day, Senator Carl Levin lives in that apartment building when he's not in D.C. We see him and his wife walk past every Jewish holiday on their way to shul.

That hill might not be much, but look how much fun he's having:

Someday bud, when the training wheels come off, you'll be happy there aren't too many hills around here.

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