Seven Sunsets

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Last week up north was so much fun it was hard to choose what to include for this "something fun" section. In the end, I went with these. Every day, as the sun was setting we went for a walk on the beach or one final swim. They are usually in bed before sundown, so the kids really enjoyed the show over Lake Michigan each night.

Here's the girl, out sitting on her "mermaid rock" (don't worry: it was on a shoal where the water was only about a foot deep).

One night, we walked down to an old Odawa Indian burial ground right along the water that dates back to the 1700s, even before the Jesuit mission was built there in 1741:

We were there for seven nights, and this was the only one to have a disappointing sunset:

This was the first night, and in the girl's view, the best one of all. I think she was just really excited about being there.

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