Day Game at Comerica Park!

Posted by jdg | 7:26 AM

When we first moved to Detroit I used to walk over to the ballpark all the time for day games, but fell out of practice for one reason or another. Yesterday, one of my wife's coworkers kindly gave her a pair of tickets so the boy and I skipped his nap and enjoyed Dontrelle Willis stomping the Twins' lineup. He enjoyed the game much more once he realized there were guys hitting something with a stick, a behavior he really appreciates these days. Magglio Ordonez's 2000th hit:

This is the middle of the sixth inning. That's how I usually feel by the middle of the sixth when we play the Twins, but today we were actually winning.

In the end, we sent the hated Twins back their city of non-abandoned skyscrapers connected by skyways with the promise of seeing more of Joe Mauer there next week. Grrr.

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