This year we continued one of our favorite new Easter traditions and headed over to the Georgia Street Community Collective's annual Easter Egg Hunt. This is a project that started with a few vacant lots that were turned into gardens, and because of the energy of a few amazing volunteers and its inspiring leader (Mark "Cub" Covington) the garden has crept across the road into a burgeoning orchard, and across the corner into a boarded up corner store where the collective plans to run a neighborhood store where residents can buy staples that they can't get from the garden; it was great to see how much work has gone into the community center the collective also plans to run in what was an abandoned house.

Here Mark is explaining the rules for the under six crowd, and my daughter is explaining to her brother that she'll help him:

She quickly abandoned him, however, when he proved much more interested in the contents of each egg rather than accumulating more:

The big kids were really fun to watch:

The grand prize winners left with some pretty awesome cavity---I mean---candy baskets.

The hunt ended inside the future corner store with a lunch of mashed potatoes, biscuits & gravy, chicken wings, and (most importantly on that HOT morning) cold cans of Faygo.

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