I don't know if I'm mentioned it here, but the kids are really into Egyptian stuff right now. We pretty much spend 2-6 hours every day talking about mummies. So when the boy went down for his nap the other day, we pulled all the pizza boxes from their birthday parties out of the recycling and made some pyramids. I measured the sides of the triangles to match the width of the pizza box and then hot glued the sides together (and they're surprisingly sturdy) and then we painted them bright yellow with temperas. The next day during his nap we used markers to decorate the outside with hieroglyphics and images we found in her favorite mummy book (Mummies, Tombs, and Treasure).

That mummy she's drawing on the side of her pyramids may be the best thing she's ever drawn. She was super serious about this and spent a lot of time making up hieroglyphics to warn away robbers, a chariot being pulled by pegasi, guard jackals, and the goddess Ma'at.

Then we went upstairs and she turned her parents' bedroom into the goddamn Giza Necropolis populated by a motley collection of gods, mummies, playmobil dudes, wooden pharaohs, a giant Cleopatra, and plenty of animals. Then her brother woke up and it all came tumbling down (The Mummy's curse doesn't work on baby brothers).

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