Shiver Me Timbers

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We spent part of the morning making our own pirate flags. She wanted hers to be "kind of like a dog pirate." No complaints here. We set shore on the sandy beach where old Brass Knuckles McCabe had buried his chest of doubloons.

"Arrrrr, so this is where the treasure be!"

$1.27 in buried coin, three pretty rocks, a perfectly good pencil. A good haul, mateys.

Someone got marooned for a little while.

She declared herself to be Captain Maxine the Salty Dog.

He was given the name "Captain Opty Ba-cake" by Captain Maxine herself.

I was told to swab the decks while they climbed to the crow's nest.

Later the First Mate gave me the Black Spot.

p.s. can you tell we're excited for Kate Inglis's book

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