The Big Bike Ride

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Well, the summer of the bike is officially over. I'm sure we'll still get a ride in here and there, but the everyday rides and the school pickups are probably part of the past now. The other afternoon the sun came out for a few hours and we did what I'd promised her she could do sometime this summer: ride her little $15 bike with me all the way to the Dequindre Cut. When we got to the entrance ramp the little daredevil coasted down shouting, "Look pops, no feet!" Heart attack.

The boy got up close and personal with our favorite graffiti character down there, dubbed Purple Zombie. She even wrote a song about him:

"Purple Zombie
Drinking Coffee
Yeah yeah yeah."

She makes me sing the first line, then she sings the second, and Gram chimes in with the third. Someone really ought to dump a load of used tires on us.

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